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6 Tips To Use Virtual Reality In Online Training

favicon eLearning Industry
4 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
Wouldn't it be amazing if you could offer your corporate learners a 360 view of your online training environment? What if your corporate learners could interact with your online training ...

Tim Cook says augmented reality is "a big idea like the smartphone"

favicon The Verge
2 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
It’s no secret that Apple’s culture of secrecy forbids even the most powerful at the company from spilling details about upcoming products. But, as CEO Tim Cook has illustrated frequently ...

9 Tips To Create An Effective User Interface Design

favicon eLearning Industry
4 mentions3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago
Your eLearning content checks all the boxes: it imparts the key takeaways, has aesthetic appeal, and offers the perfect amount of interactivity. But can online learners actually use the eLearning ...

2017 Instructional Design Trends Compass: Your Accu-Learningcast

favicon eLearning Industry
4 mentions3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago
Happy New Year, Instructional Designers and Learning and Development professionals! In this article, we’ll look at Instructional Design trends for 2017 – what clients and learners might be expecting. And ...

5 Ways to Create Virtual Learning Experiences in Your Classroom

favicon The Tech Edvocate
3 mentions3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago
The reason that many teachers strive for a more virtual experience instead of the traditional talking points is that the interaction makes the lesson more memorable to the students. Concepts ...

Are You Really Ready for Mobile Learning?

favicon Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media
3 mentions3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago
Mobile gamification and social and collaborative learning apps are great — if learning leaders keep employees’ learning preferences in mind. With the explosion of the mobile workforce and the fact ...

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