7 Tips to Create Aesthetically Pleasing eLearning Courses

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More often than not, the eLearning course content is considered to be the most important aspect of instructional design. While the information you are providing to your learners should be of high quality, you should also have in mind that the method of presentation is just as essential.

Spotlight Friday: An Interview with Instructional Designer and Learning Strategist Julie Winkle Giulioni

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Julie Winkle Giulioni has spent the past 25 years improving performance through learning. She’s partnered with hundreds of organizations to develop and deploy innovative training products that are in use worldwide. Julie is well known and well regarded for her creative, one-of-a-kind solutions that consistently deliver bottom-line results.Since ...

5 Best Practices: Corporate Training for Retail Sales Associates

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From onboarding to new product rollouts to customer service, investing in effective corporate training programs for sales associates is essential for retail organizations. Check out these five best practices from our extensive experience creating award-winning corporate training for this audience.Corporate training best practices are often painted with a ...

Instructional Design Challenges for Today's Course Designer

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At the iDesignX conference in Australia I shared some tips on instructional design challenges. During my session, Blair Rorani from Ever Learning sketched his notes and then tweeted them during the session. They’re so cool I couldn’t just let them fade away.So here are Blair’s sketches coupled with ...

How The Gaming Industry Helps People Help The World

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The social gaming industry is booming. Staggeringly, it comprises a $9 billion market and is the fastest growing segment of entertainment, engaging hundreds of millions of people from around the world daily. With this ever expanding community of players, game makers have an unprecedented opportunity -- a responsibility,

Coaching Can Be Simple

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in Developing Others, Leadership, Leadership Communication, Learning, Mentoring, Personal DevelopmentThis picture won’t mean much to you, but to the small group I spent two days with in Houston this week, it means a lot.On the morning of the first day of our intimate training session on Coaching, the ...

Gamification and its Place in Recruiting

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In 2011, Gartner® released a report predicting that by 2015, 50% of organizations would seek to gamify marketing processes. This same report also predicted that by 2014, 70% of Global 2000 companies would have at least one gamified application (Gartner, 2011).Today, almost all companies leverage some sort of ...

Coherence Principle: Less Material For Better Learning

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Recently we looked at how adding graphics to words can significantly improve learning. In that post, I mentioned that we need to strike a critical balance when designing instructional materials: between the evidence-based guidelines that have been proven to support and improve learning, and our own experience-based intuition.Today,

How I Got Schooled On Culture

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I had the good fortune of having my interest in the power of culture sparked nearly 20 years ago when I was a VP with a major automotive supplier.We wanted to foster a positive environment and build an “involvement culture.” I had great mentors and read everything I ...

My Sketchy Life as an E-Learning Designer

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Since so many people are sketchy about what we do as e-learning designers, it seems appropriate to answer this week’s Articulate challenge in a similar vein.This week’s challenge is to answer the question “What do e-learning designers really do?” using the architecture of a visual meme supplied by ...

Eesha Khare: Inventing the One-Minute Mobile Phone Charger

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Clear, unimpeded communication is the obsession of the modern age. Our most brilliant minds work tirelessly to connect the citizens of every nation, from every social strata. The ease of social media is now seen as a birthright — even by those who, just a decade ago, were ...

Gamification: Big Data Is Watching

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Recently, ERE asked me to conduct a webinar on The Impact of Gamification on Generational Talent. It’s an exciting topicworthy of exploration by forward-thinking talent acquisition executives, and in larger context calls for examination of the role of Big Data in business and in our overall culture.The excitement surrounding Big Data is that web-browsing, location tracking, and social networks can help deliver automated, meaningful measurement of people and predict their behaviors. With our e-mails, social network interactions and mouse clicks able to be mined for insights, and personality-based assessment tests ...

Purposeful Work and a Logical Life

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I work hard everyday.It is part of my genetic make-up to be motivated to work hard – to value hard work and what it can deliver.Another part of my make-up is to see where, when, and how I can make my job or my work easier. This could ...

The Big Reason to Hire Superstar Employees Isn't the Work They Do

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Most companies will tell you they want to hire and retain “A players”, and why not? It’s hard to object to building a company around the best possible talent. But what is it about superstar talent that actually improves performance? A recent paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research examines this question by looking at academic departments, where productivity can be measured in terms of papers published and citations from other researchers. Superstars were defined as academics who ranked above the 90th percentile based on citation-weighted publications. The paper ...

How to Use the Science of Learning and Remembering in Corporate Training

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Steven Boller is the Marketing Director at Bottom-Line Performance Inc, a custom eLearning and game-based learning provider. He is the Editor of BLP’s Lessons on Learning Blog and Learning Game Design blog. Steve writes frequently on emerging learning trends, particularly in the field of game-based learning. Steve also ...

Gaze Into The Future Of Learning With Clark Quinn

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In this exclusive interview with Learnnovators, Clark Quinn shares his insights on the significance of innovation for businesses to succeed. He explains the importance of contextual and experiential learning, and offers his recommendations for integrating mobile strategies into organizational L&D. His advice to learning designers for scaling up ...

How Leaders Can Successfully Champion Change

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When it comes to seeking insights on the best leadership practices, the natural inclination is to look towards successful organizations like Southwest Airlines and Zappos for inspiration and guidance.Not surprisingly, in most countries, one area we often disregard for leadership guidance is the political arena, as most politicians ...

Design Challenges and Considerations for Responsive eLearning

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A few years back, designers had a fixed size canvas, no matter what the medium – whether for print or digital media. Then came the multi-device revolution, and suddenly, there is no longer any fixed size. There are PCs and Macs, laptops, tablets, hybrids, phablets, and mobile phones ...

The Top 3 Industries That Should be Using Gamification

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Too often, gamification is classified as a method for increasing sales numbers or web engagement metrics, such as time-on-page or click-through rate. And while it’s an effective method to achieve those goals, there’s no reason to limit gamification’s potential to just business applications.The research game Foldit is an ...

#TChat Preview: Building A Culture Advantage

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The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, April 16, 2014. #TChat Radio starts at 6:30 pm ET (3:30 pm PT) and the convo continues on #TChat Twitter chat from 7-8 pm ET.Last week we talked about employee assistance programs (EAP), and this week we’re talking about ...

Teaching with mobile devices

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There is a good reason for my 3 month blogging hiatus. Since January, work has taken me to Chile for 2 weeks, Egypt for a week, India for 3 weeks, and Moscow for a week. And then the TESOL US conference in Portland followed immediately by the IATEFL ...

Workplace Trends in Technology, Office Layout & Culture

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With all of the technological advances and evolving styles of communication and management, the modern American workplace is drastically different from what it was just a decade ago. But the business world is still changing, perhaps even more quickly now than ever before."Mobile and social are driving a ...

4 Steps to an Employee-Friendly Workplace

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An employee-friendly workplace is one that places priority on making employees happy at work. A workforce with a high level of job satisfaction can affect productivity, customer satisfaction and overall profitability. What can you do to make sure your company is employee-friendly? In today’s post we will look ...

Proprietary Metrics — the Next Big Thing in Talent Management

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The idea that you can create a template that will work forever doesn’t happen in any business … There’s some really, really bright people in this business. You can’t do the same thing the same way and be successful for a long period of time. — Billy BeaneI ...

Big Data and Performance Support by Conrad Gottfredson

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“Organizational learning agility currently provides the learning industry a singular opportunity to contribute in a way and at a level we have not heretofore been privileged to do.”In late 2012, Andrew McAfee, principal research scientist at MIT’s Center for Digital Business and Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the Center ...

Hubbub health uses gamification, friends and family in employee wellness offering

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When Virgin Pulse (then Virgin HealthMiles) opened its services to (up to three) family members for free last fall, execs from the company told MobiHealthNews they predicted other employee wellness companies would follow suit. But hubbub health, a spin-off of Portland, Oregon-based Cambia Health Solutions, is doing one ...

A How to Guide on the Principles of the #elearningmanifesto: 3. Tie Learning to Performance Goals

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This principle is an important requirement when building eLearning courses.If learning doesn’t supportthe goals of the organization, what is its valuefrom a business perspective? Now the question is how to do it?Get integrated into the businessIn the first two posts I wrote about the importance learning integrating withthe ...

Leadership Is About Emotion

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Make a list of the 5 leaders you most admire. They can be from business, social media, politics, technology, the sciences, any field. Now ask yourself why you admire them. The chances are high that your admiration is based on more than their accomplishments, impressive as those may ...

The Learner's Journey: A Process For Helping People Learn To Change

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Filed Under: Learning, Storytelling Tagged With: elearning, Organizational Change Management, StorytellingJoin hundreds of readers and receive Social Learning articles straight to your inbox. Get the latest insights on improving employee performance and corporate learning. Marketing strategist at Dashe & Thomson, avid reader of books, and auto-didactic who loves ...

Why Gamification Matters

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It takes only a glance at the Web or smartphone apps to realize that elements of gaming are now everywhere. As a person reaches a goal, he earns a badge or trophy. As she purchases things in the real world, she receives virtual currency (think loyalty program). Depending ...

Connecting Culture and Playful Learning with Jake Orlowitz of Wikipedia

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--- Join us at GSummit 2014 in San Francisco this June 10-13 to learn how your company can "Recapture User Engagement." Over 4-days, we'll bring together the top thought leaders & experiences in user engagement: 50+ expert speakers, 10+ hands-on workshops, 1000+ attendees, 20+ vendors, and loads of ...

Pixar and the Secrets of Managing Creative People

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Catmull is co-founder of Pixar, the studio behind Toy Story, A Bug’s Life and Monsters Inc. He has a keen interest in simple, well-informed insights. His thoughtful revelation is that simple well-informed insights often lead you astray.Take his story about setting a price for Pixar hardware in the ...

What gamification is to me

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As you know, over the weekend I picked a fight with Gartner over their redefinition of gamification.http://blogs.gartner.com/brian_burke/2014/04/04/gartner-redefines-gamification/ and http://marczewski.me.uk/2014/04/05/a-response-to-gartners-new-definition-of-gamification/The conversation turned to a bit of a bun fight, so I have now stepped away a little. However, it got me thinking about my own definition and why I ...

Your Employer Brand: It’s Serious Business

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If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, you may want to consider re-evaluating your current employer brand. Here’s why.Employer brands were once thought of as simply defining an expectation between employee and employer. But today, the employer brand plays a much bigger and more vital ...

How Gamification Motivates the Masses

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What’s new about gamification? Organizations have borrowed elements such as points and badges from games and used them to motivate people for a long time. Weight Watchers, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and military organizations have been using this approach to motivate people for a half century, a ...

ELC 016: Strategies That Improve The Interface To Learning

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If you’re looking for strategies to make learning more engaging and effective, you’ll want to listen to this interview with Dorian Peters. She is the author of Interface Design for Learning: Design Strategies for Learning Experiences and Positive Computing.Dorian is an eLearning interface design evangelist. She currently directs ...

How Serious Play Leads To Breakthrough Innovation

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The following is an excerpt from Creative Intelligence by Bruce Nussbaum (HarperBusiness), out March 5th.It took several hours, but Harry West and his team eventually reached a conclusion about their current challenge: Drinking was weird. West, the CEO of the Boston-based consultancy Continuum, had brought together a diverse ...

4 Experience Phases in Gamification (#1): Discovery Phase

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Many companies design their product or services as one big experience. That kind of makes sense – after all it is one product.However, when it comes to user engagement, I believe that’s a big mistake. When it comes to motivation, the reason why you are using a product ...

Oppi Festival: Should learning be fun?

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Tom Bennett will be regularly shouting at the laptop about some damn fool idea in education, or else he’ll be writing about classrooms, students, or why teaching is the most important job in the world.Members 531 Total Posts 1 Created by: Tom_Bennett 12-4-2014 • 20:41 "In every job ...

Gartner Redefines Gamification: What Do You Think?

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Gamification is considered a relatively new term. As a new term, its definition is in flux and is continually changing. The popular media and different professionals continue to offer different and sometimes competing definitions. As different definitions are offered, it is up to everyday people to accept or ...

ERE Webinar: Winner! Winner! Gamification’s Impact on Generational Talent

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Winner! Winner! Winner! That’s all your organization will be saying after incorporating “gamification” into various aspects of their recruiting strategy. With the recent surge of gamification on to the scene, you don’t want to be the only one just vaguely familiar with the topic. Join the Findly-sponsored webinar, and your host, Jim Wexler, will really define what gamification is all about; it’s applications, how it engages the audience, and whether or not gamification makes sense for your organization. If you miss out, it might mean GAME OVER for your organization ...

Gamification Engages Job Candidates Beyond Their Resumes

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Chances are, you don't think of gaming when you think of searching for a new job — but gamification is somewhat of a burgeoning trend in some companies' hiring processes.Gamification is an office empowerment tool that not only makes things more fun, but also increases engagement, commitment and ...

The Social Employee [infographic]

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Today’s infographic, courtesy of McGraw Hill, shows us how social media is changing the way we work. Employees understand the power of social and expect it to be a part of their personal and professional lives. The infographic (click to enlarge) is based upon research in the book,

Why Playful Learning Is The Key To Prosperity

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In order for our global society to develop solutions to pressing problems in an increasingly technology-driven and constantly changing world, we need to re-train our workforce to do what machines can’t: to be enterprising, independent and strategic thinkers—to be purposeful creators.They’re the future, after all, and they have ...

20+ Tips for Writing Great Quiz Questions and Response Options

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Thanks for sharing your feedback! If your feedback doesn’t appear right way, please be patient as it may take a few minutes to publish.If you’ve written quizzes in the past, you know how hard it is to write really great questions and realistic response options. It’s a tricky ...

The Five Elements Of A 'Simply Irresistible' Organization

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And this is good business. The Great Place to Work Institute has published studies which show that the “100 best places to work” outperformed the S&P 500 by over four-fold from 1990–2009 and there’s no reason to believe this won’t continue. (“The Great Workplace,” by Michael Burchell and Jennifer Robin.)We as individuals also have to take care of ourselves. Arianna Huffington’s new book Thrive (just published) can help us understand this issue. Huffington’s book and her new website The Third Metric redefines what success means: slow down, disconnect, get more ...

Are You an Instructional Designer, a Learning Game Designer or Both?

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Many instructional designers are now being asked to investigate serious games and gamification for use in their training. The problem? Few instructional designers have real game design experience or skills. Game-based solutions have great potential for learning, but only if they are designed well.Instructional designers are skilled writers,

Employee Satisfaction Factors

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[Today’s guest blog post is from Maren Hogan, marketer and community builder in the HR and Recruiting space.]Employee dissatisfaction is getting wildly out of hand. Right Management conducted a survey in which they gathered responses from 411 workers in the US and Canada. The survey found that a ...

Tips for Developing Successful Leadership Training

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In the past, employers had their pick of often hundreds of qualified applicants for a limited number of positions – but that is set to change. Ten thousand American workers reached the age of 65 today and about 10,000 more will reach retirement age everyday for the next ...

The Road To Organizational Transparency [Infographic]

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The past few weeks, #TChat has been focused on leadership and the best ways to keep an organization running like comfortable clockwork. Whether it be wholehearted, authentic or optimistic leaders, one characteristic #TChatters valued was that of transparency. A majority of employees (60%), however, feel as though they ...

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