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Taking a Look at The Workplace of 2017 and Beyond

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The beginning of a new year brings with it a flurry of optimism: Will this be the year our business gets its big break? Is this the year we find ...

How to Create a Culture of Innovation

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How do organizations revolutionize their products and services? Is it possible to create a culture of innovation? Is organizational culture linked to innovation and competitive advantage? Soren Kaplan, Ph.D. answers ...

Does Vision Make a Great Leader?

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Many describe a great leader as one who has vision. A leader who is able effortlessly to conceptualize what strategy and direction is required to meet the competitive and economic ...

#WorkTrends Preview: Talent Strategy Alignment

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Simply, effective talent acquisition relies on HR functions that align with the overall business strategy, which means that not only should HR have a seat at the table, but the ...

Unleash the Power of Gamification to Harness an Army of Employee Brand Advocates

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Shares 26 Trust has become the new marketing currency in today’s digital world and online reviews can make or break a business. Modern marketers find all possible ways to engage ...

Coaching: The Secret to Retaining Top Talent

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Figuring out how to retain the best employees remains a top priority for every business owner. This shouldn’t be a surprise: according to a study by the Center for American ...

Improve Leadership Training Programs with Manager Feedback

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360-degree feedback can bring up a whole host of areas for improvement and goals to be worked towards. Developing based on feedback is important for anyone, regardless of position, experience ...