9 Tips To Create An Effective User Interface Design

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Your eLearning content checks all the boxes: it imparts the key takeaways, has aesthetic appeal, and offers the perfect amount of interactivity. But can online learners actually use the eLearning ...

Four myths of Social Learning

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Author: Helen Blunden, Activate Learning Solutions, 26 January 2017 In the last couple of years, I have spoken to many corporate Learning and Development practitioners about how they may support ...

How to Set Expectations with Your Subject Matter Experts

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At a recent workshop, we had participants share their tips on working with subject matter experts. As expected they shared some really good tips that are practical and will help ...

eLearning In 2017: The Adventure Is Just Beginning – Part I

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The year 2016 was the year that eLearning came into the collective business consciousness on a global scale. What about eLearning in 2017? How should business learning cultures be re-shaped?