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How do you increase your impact?

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Otto Scharmer (lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-founder of the Presencing Institute) wondered about the nature of change and developed Theory U based on his research, together ...

Culture Leadership Charge – Attract & Retain Talent

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How can business leaders craft a workplace that attracts and retains talented, engaged team members? By making values – how people treat each other – as important as results. By ...

On Becoming a Mindful Leader

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Today I'm pleased to share a guest post by Paul Laughlin. Two books I enjoyed over the Christmas period have prompted me to reflect on being a Mindful Leader. By ...

Culture Leadership Charge – A Question of Character

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Your character is showing! Every interaction we have with others demonstrates our character, for better or worse. If we treat people kindly and act in service, our character is showing.

Motivating Millennials on Your Team

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Motivating Millennials is a proverbial nut that almost every organization and leader is trying to crack. As the largest generation in today’s labor force, Millennials make up a significant percentage ...